July 11th, 2012


85 challenge icons

YES! I'm alive :D. But I was here a looong time ago. Maybe you don't forget about me :).

These icons were made for acontestoficons, narniastills, the_histories, fellowship_hush, lots_icontestwizard_icontest, ouat_stills, period_rumble, camelot_rumble, merlinstills

[1-12] Once Upon A Time
[13-20] The Chronicles of Narnia
[21-33] Merlin
[34-46] Game of Thrones
[47-53] Legend of the Seeker
[54-61] Harry Potter
[62-64] Lord of the Rings
[65-68] Little Dorrit
[69-71] North & South
[72-74] The Pillars of the Earth
[75-76] Billy Boyd
[77-78] Brendan Gleeson
[79-81] Clemense Poesy
[82] The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc
[83] Jane Eyre
[84] The Mummy
[85] Camelot

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